BIO - 


I am a professional still life photographer from Edinburgh, having just completed a BA in Professional photography with Gray"s School of Art. Through continuous study for the past four years I have developed a keen interest in contemporary still life art and this genre has heavily influenced my style. I tend to lean towards still life as I feel I can convey my desired message through objects.

   My path in the creative industry has been slightly unconventional in that I spent 16 years in The Parachute Regiment. Most would consider this a very uncreative career, but after a couple of years reflection on what I achieved, it was quite the contrary. Many times I was placed under pressure to come up with a solution to a problem. I thrived in these situations and I believe this is why I found myself enjoying the challenge of coming up with something from nothing. I attribute my drive, professionalism and attention to detail through my experience in the military, which has resulted in Scottish and UK wide recognition for my work.

Awards - 

BIPP (Scotland) Student Gold Award, photojournalism 2019

AOP student awards finalist 2019

Lens Cultures Art awards, editors gallery choice 2019

Lens Cultures Emerging Talent Awards 2019 Editors Gallery Choice

MPA (Scottish region) Merit Award 


AOP student awards finalist 2020

British Photography Awards Finalist 2020 food and sports category